Weight Loss Surgery and Regain

I’ve talked before about my adult-life long struggle with morbid obesity and my gastric bypass surgery six years ago and subsequent 90 pound loss … and my thirty pound regain.
As I did six + years ago in reaching “that point” where I could no longer continue being obese and was sufficiently motivated to take action, I think I have reached “that point” once again surrounding my regain.
First of all I am compelled to say that anyone who thinks that having weight loss surgery is “taking the easy way out” obviously has never been around anyone who has gone through the difficult decision to have WLS or followed them through the process that follows.
Taking a basically healthy digestive system and altering it to an unhealthy state and taking responsibility for the proper care and nurturing of that surgically altered system is a life-long committment like no other.
And as for wondering why that person who WLS over just simply cutting calories and exercising more, if that had ever worked for us over a life-time of trying and failing again and again, I think we would have done it.  There are many of us whose body chemistry is so altered that no amount of push-aways or push-ups alone are going to help.


So we willingly take the risk of an invasive procedure, surgically alter our bodies, commit to a lifetime of vitamin supplements and exercise, follow our food plans religiously for the first few years, lose our weight  … then some of us get cocky … 15% is a pretty average odd for regain … not 30% … we forget how important it is to continuing to follow our eating restrictions, vitamin regimens, exercise plans, etc.  We’ll never go back there, to that morbid obese person we left … not us … until we realize one day the pounds have crept back on to some extent.


And now it is time for 100% (or at least 90%) committment to what I know is right … in eating, in supplements, in water, in exercise … today is the day – the first day in many areas of my life, but particularly in this area. It boils down to holding myself  brutally accountable … privately and publicly.

Today’s weight – 165

No vitamins yet, not enough water

Will do a calorie/protein count at the end of the day.

1 hour exercise – 1/2 hour treadmill (1.5 miles) and 1/2 hour upper body/ab machines.  First day, minimum weights and reps …

Goals: 60 oz water, 70 g protein, 1000 calories at the most.

Supplements: multi vitamin no iron, iron, calcium, potassium, vitamin b-12 (sublingually), vitamin b-1, vitamin d, calcium …

Here we go! Anyone want to join me in a challenge!?!?!

Hugs to all who struggle with obesity and to you – namaste (I honor you ..)


4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Surgery and Regain

  1. Itty Bitty…congratulations on your goals. I know you can do it. You have been to my blog where I have set similar goals and it is slowly working for me. I slip off the wagon from time to time but I get back on.

    I must admit I feel so much better with the regular exercise and all the fruits and veggies. It really improves my mental outlook to eat right, too.

    Good luck. I will check in to see how you are doing, and I hope you will do the same.

    Old Gal


    1. Old gal… I will! After walking close to 3 miles a day while in Brooklyn with my son, DIL and dog on prozac, I just figured there was nor eason to stop … and my sister in law has been wanting to go back to her gym so it all seemed a good time!

      We can do it! I’ll follow your progress too!


    1. Taunia … um … yeah … Halloween 1950 … lol! Thank you for wanting to “share” my new little blog – I do so appreciate it cos I’m just starting out – I’ll certainly reciprocate … cos, y’see, I think YOU rock majorly! for being YOU!
      Love ya!


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