In The Mood …. For Puddle Jumping

A delightful lady, Jill Baughan, followed me on Twitter this morning – she has an equally delightful website  –  which I now have added to my favorite sites … she is all about the importance of play for us grown ups – her “stuff” reminded me that, as adults, we so often forget to play, be silly, do simply fun (totally out of the box) things …

It’s been a while for me … because, you know, life happens and we get so darned serious .. but I remember no so long ago  …..

Jumping in those rain puddles  with two feet! ….. just last winter … wearing my grandson’s boys size 4 Vans that he’d outgrown … and I love!

Going to Joes Crabshack in Old Sac with a group of my women friends and ALL of us getting up and doing a conga line when the servers were dancing their required line dance ….. can’t tell you how many other customers got up and joined us … that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Making hand puppets out of air sick bags on Southwest Airlines by drawing faces on them with colored markers … and suddenly finding half the airplane was doing the same thing – including the flight attendant giving the safety speech … can you visualize that?  It looked like a scene out of Sesame Street and created much joy and laughter on an otherwise tired and boring flight following a difficult board of directors meeting.

Along with others in my work area (the president’s office of the largest state association in California) dressing up for “Talk Like A Pirate Day” in September a few years back …   Oh and the looks, laughs and positive comments we got walking around outside at lunch time! It really does exist –   September 19, 2011!  No kidding!

Or roller skating at my grandson “Thing 1″‘s birthday party – I always seem to be almost or actually the oldest one out on the floor these days … but, hey!  I love it!  And what a great family/inter-generational activity.

The point being … it’s ok to be playful and silly – to have fun, damn it!  With abandon!  …. we are never too old – and it is amazing how invigorated and alive you feel … Try it! Get out of your comfort zone … you won’t regret it and just think of the memories you’ll be creating!

And while we’re on the subject of feeling alive …   Life is short! So be happy, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that made you smile!  I kinda like the slow kissing thing …. it adds to loving truly and even sometimes laughing uncontrollably because it brings me so much joy to feel alive! Or maybe it’s the one who gives me those slow kisses … hmmmm!  Ok, that’s another blog another day … not losing our sensual selves …

I’m guessing today’s just one of those happy days …. full of love and joy – and it’s time to wake the grandsons up this last Friday before their school starts next week – and head off on an adventure!

Hugs and Namaste (I honor you …..)


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