Maui And Other Adventures

I leave for Maui tomorrow morning – with my friend, his son and daughter and daughter’s boyfriend – all young adults.  I haven’t been to Maui since 1983 and I have to say I am so excited!  When I lived in Honolulu the 70’s and 80’s, it was a frequent weekend destination for my young family.   Granted, it’s been a while, but I am still looking forward to returning there and seeing the 30 years worth of change.

After an unexpectedly busy summer – spending 6 weeks in Brooklyn with my son and daughter-in-law, moving in (in process) with my friend, helping him with his business, knowing I should be working harder on my own business if it is ever to provide me with an income – I’m definitely ready for a week of “down time”.  Hawaii is the perfect place!  I’m excited to post here through the week with our doings and photographs.

Daughter of friend and I started today (along with my daughter) by getting a manicure/pedicure – it was birthday gifts for the “girls” and pampering for me.  We went to a little nail shop nearby that recently changed hands (interesting phrase for a nail shop, no?).  The really cute thing is that the four principal manicurists are young men in their 20’s and 30’s!  The three that provided our nail services were quite good, too .. much gentler and attentive than the typical asian, minimally english speaking variety ladies.  My person actually kinda looked like a wrestler – but he did a fabulous job on my toes and fingers!  And they were very entertaining and funny as they spoke of wanting to go boating and playing craps at the local Indian casinos … all while doing manicures and pedicures …

The “other adventure” I am currently experiencing is moving back in with my friend.  We are also talking of getting married some time this month – just a simple exchange of vows at the county marriage license office – I have alluded in other posts to changes in my life coming, sorting out my life, being afraid of taking the step … I’m no longer afraid to take the step – am more confident in our future together than I have been to date.  I know I am tired of changes in my life  … you all, like me, “of a certain age” … who have had a multitude of changes occur will appreciate that.  To settle down and land would sure be nice.   Since 1996 I have moved seven times.  My life is contained in a 10×10 storage locker.  Maybe, if all continues as it seems, I will actually be able to give up that storage locker – and put those boxes back in the rafters, Grandma’s china hutch in the dining room, and mom’s china set in the hutch …

It’s nice, too, isn’t it? To be in love and be comfortable expressing it?  To curl up with someone and feel safe and secure?  As Michelle Burnell so succinctly put it,  “I give you my hand, my heart and my soul … all I ask is that you treat it as if it was your own”.

Don’t forget, my friends …… treat your loved one’s hand, heart and soul as if it was your own …. for me …..

More love soon from Kaanapali, Maui!

Namaste … I honor you …


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