Choices … My First Word For 2012

2011 was perhaps the most unusual year I can recall in the last five –  a culmination of closing doors and opening doors right up till the very last-minute.  I’m glad it’s over, and 2012 holds promise of a better, growing, stronger year. 

I read a blog this morning, Remarkable Wrinkles – you can click on it in “Other Bloggers I Love” … about that whole “New Year’s Resolution” subject.  apparently I’m not the only one out there who doesn’t do well with resolutions.  Good to know!  Her blog was about .. ahem … another friend’s blog she’d read suggesting not resolutions but WORDS.  Pick a word … any word that means something to you and make it a … not so much a resolution, but kind of a goal … something to strive for or work on … in our lives.  Made perfect sense to me!

One of the biggest things I learned over this last year of unending speed bumps and change is that I really do have a CHOICE in how my life goes.  I made a lot of progress in cleaning up messes and making changes that were necessary, but I can take my little ol’ self down paths in directions that I CHOOSE. 

CHOICES I can manifest ….

To take care of myself first … I forget this too easily.  Before I can take care of anyone else, I need to take care of me.  I also don’t need to take care of EVERYONE else, now do I?  This includes physically, emotionally, spiritually, as well as financially. 

  • Physically – as a 6-year post-op gastric bypass patient, I have, after woefully not doing as I should for probably 3 years now, have started taking my vitamin and protein supplements religiously … every day.  I am working on getting at least half an hour of exercise (even walking) in every day.  I am fighting the carb monster … which is my acknowledged complete and utter addiction.  I am drinking more water.  
  • Emotionally – why is it that we always “look after” others before we look out for ourselves?  Or is it just us nurturers?  I HAVE allowed myself to surrender to loving someone – though I will not ever surrender my identity to anyone again – I am trusting someone with my heart.  I am chosing to be differently in this relationship that I have in past commitments.  I am making the CHOICE to be more open and forthcoming.  This is difficult for me because of fences and guards that are decades old.  I’m working on them, though.  It’s the right thing to do – not just for me, but for him. 

            I trusted enough to get married on December 15, 2011.  He is my CHOICE!

  • Spiritually – This is an area where I am needing to center myself and focus my energy.  2011 was filled with chaos (good and bad) and though things are slowly coming together, I need to refine my balance and take the time each day I need to quiet my mind, express my gratitude and send out my positive thoughts for the day.  Every morning and every evening.  To thank the Gods and Goddesses for helping me find the right path.
  • Financially – Huge one.  As I am finalizing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy (not a thing I am proud of, but it became necessary given my particular situation of long-term unemployment and limited access to financial resources) I am gifted with an opportunity to begin again.  I have CHOICE on how I live my financial life from this point forward in rebuilding my financial integrity. 

CHOICES – my word for this day.  It feels good and strong and empowering.  I’ll take it!

What is your word for the day? Make it mean something to you.



3 thoughts on “Choices … My First Word For 2012

      1. Just a single word! That’s almost too hard an assignment. If I must (and it can only help guide me!) I will pick “focus”. Because “you create what you focus on”.

        I’m happy with that! Thanks for the nudge to have me complete the exercise!!


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