Planting and Tending My Gardens …

PLANTING MY GARDEN … The Vegetable Kind

I’m so excited! Spring Equinox is only 10 days away – Daylight savings has sprung forward, and we are fast approaching that day of equal day and night before racing towards the Summer Solstice. My fingers are itchy to get back in the soil and I would say that Spring has been teasing forever, but I think we just plain skipped Winter this year.   Even as I look out my office window, what is termed by the national weather service a “winter storm warning”  is more an early spring rain in spite of snow in the mountains above 5000 feet.

Being in Brooklyn with my son and daughter in law last summer from mid June into August set aside the notion of summer vegetables but this year, especially with my daughter and grandsons moving 3 doors down, the promise of a fruitful garden has me rarin’ to go!  This week’s rain should soften the composted soil just enough to facilitate planting preparation.  What shall we plant?

Tomatoes of course – Sacramento veggie gardens are not complete without tomatoes!  Cherry or grape along with more substantial, bigger ones.  The boys love popping those little ones for snacks. And a zucchini plant .. maybe two … and a pumpkin for fall.

And we have to plant lemon cucumbers, bell peppers, string beans and eggplant!

We have a small raised bed planting box, and some really neat deep pots.  I think the grandsons and I will have fun tending the veggies and sharing them this year.  Our harvest may not look like these lovelies … but that’s ok – we’ll do the best we can!

We also want to plant a dwarf Meyer lemon tree.  YUM!  And since the fabric of our gazebo’s cover gave up at the end of last fall, we have decided to trellis the frame and grow star jasmine and passion vines for a year-round green canopy for shade and summer fragrance, and for enticing the bees and humming birds.

PLANTING A GARDEN … Nurturing Our Mind and Soul  

I am in an emotional space where I know there is much I should be doing – and can’t seem to get it done.  And it occurs to me that I am not tending to my own needs as well as I should be.  The seedlings are there and planted, but the nurturing is not.

For instance – I have gained 30 pounds over the last four and a half years – and like weeds in my other garden, the only way I am going to successfully achieve my harvest is to eradicate the weeds – one at a time.  It takes effort and focus.

For instance – the success of my business depends on my actively soliciting new accounts.  This is not a new skill for me and I know that my garden will not be fruitful unless I plant those new seeds and tend to them!  It takes effort and focus.

I know my issue is motivation … but I seem to have misplaced my mojo somewhere – have you seen it? It is, after all, having the right tools to cultivate our gardens, isn’t it?

I have this amazing and wonderful opportunity to reinvent myself – to not have to worry about returning to the corporate world (though who will hire a 60+ year old who has not worked in a year and a half?  Not equitable but real.)  And yet I cannot quite put my finger on what it is that has me stuck … that keeps me from attaining that little bit of success that I so want.  I’m not talkin’ huge, I’m just talkin’ comfortable to supplement social security that is rapidly becoming closer as the year goes on. To carry my weight and not depend on someone else (even if it is hubby) to support me.   What is it that I need to get planted in my garden to nurture in order to harvest the results I want?

What are you planting this year in your gardens this spring?  The one in the ground or the one in your soul .. or both?

Namaste … I honor you!


9 thoughts on “Planting and Tending My Gardens …

  1. I live in Portland and it is still raining here. We haven’t had much summer for the past two years so I am praying this year will be different. I’d like to grow some heirloom tomatoes. Other than that, I’m a flower gardener. I love dahlias. My peonies are coming up as well as tulips and daffodils. I love anything that attracts bees and butterflies! Bees make me happy.

    I think there is something to be said for a little sunshine. I need to work out to lose more weight but the rain makes me lazy 🙂


    1. Thank you, Maggie! for both your comments! After a very dry winter it’s been raining on and off here in Sac-o-tomatoes for over a week. I’m hoping to get my flower seeds planted here really soon – like maybe today, tomorrow or Saturday? Looking forward to all the vibrant colors – and yes, the bees and humming birds!

      Do come back and visit! I don’t blog as often as I would like – but I try to make it interesting (to me as well as my readers). Then again, there’s always some sort of interesting drama, chaos or joy going on, isn’t there?

      Best to you!


  2. Even though we have space for a garden, I don’t think we’ll be planting veggies, though I’d like to try some tomatoes. We have a lot of deer that stop by our yard and have a bite or two. The last time we planted tomatoes, we had about 3 to eat. The deer got the rest! We weren’t angry with the critters, though. They were here first!

    I am in a “planting” stage, too, with finding a balance of work and my-work, or, rather, my job and my writing. It’s not easy, and I, too, tend to forget to nurture myself.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment. I hope you will visit again!


    1. Work/life balance… always an issue! That very imbalance has always been in the way of my need to write … as I get older, the need gets stronger so I’m having to try harder to make time in addition to my little odd “working” things … best to you! And keep on writing .. I enjoy your blog!


  3. I do enjoy seeing what perennials have made it through the winter each year and then planning some new plantings around them. Of course this winter has been so mild along the eastern coast, my garden should be in good shape. This is really good since I seem to be hosting my stepson’s second wedding here to a most wonderful future daughter-in-law. Unfortunately though I’m not as into gardening as I used to be. It’s more like work now, which can get in the way of pursuing one’s overall direction. I’m re-evaluating and could use some better motivation also. I’m into writing and marketing too and could use some better answers than what I’ve been coming up with. But I know what I have to do and need to just block out distractions that are coming from others close to me. It’s not easy putting yourself first.


  4. georgiastone

    Hi Itty Bitty: I sympathize with what you say about feeling stuck, since I’ve been feeling the same way the last couple of months. Lots of things that need tending to, but not the right motivation to get going.

    As you said, the equinox is just around the corner, so maybe more sunshine and warmer days will get me going.

    If you find an answer, let me know.


  5. As we prepare to move, I am going to have to learn how to garden on the Olympic Peninsula vs. Houston — a significant shift in climate zones! Thankfully, I’ve asked around town and am getting lots of generous advice on how to get started. The previous owners of our home set up some lovely raised beds that are surrounded by deer fence, so the big work is done for me!

    The inner work, for me, is going to be about getting more social. I am very introverted, which is not a bad thing, but I can get reclusive, which isn’t healthy for me. I’ve already been recruited to serve on the board of an arts center in our new town, and it looks like there’s going to be plenty of opportunities to make friends and get out of the house!

    I’m re-evaluating where I want to be with my writing career. The energy needed to do all the social media necessary to sell books is not much fun for me. I want to find a balance of writing and marketing…and plenty of time to tend my garden!


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