4 thoughts on “Do You Keep In Touch?”

    1. lol! I read your comments on your blog about FB – I use it mostly to keep in touch with my weight loss surgery community and scattered family – it’s a time sucker if one isn’t careful! Therein is my problem especially because I work from home.


  1. Hi Itty Bitty: I absolutely have trouble keeping in touch with close friends. Often it ends up that I spend time with the people who are most aggressive about seeking me out. I enjoy them, but then some of my closest friendships get shoved aside.

    Between working full time, maintaining my physical existance and keeping my own blog going, I don’t have time for much else aside from sleeping. And oh, my, yes, the days, months and years are ticking away too, too fast.


  2. I am not one of those people but I know it is tough to keep track of everyone in your life even though you sincerely want to. I’m not a big phone talker but I do make the effort when I know I need to. I love email!!! 🙂


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