Easter, Ostara, Passover?

EasterOstaraPassover .. by whatever name, this time of year marks the beginning of spring and the vitality that comes with it. A time of new beginnings, of resurrection, of liberation .. of warmer days and gentle rains … lengthening days and shortening nights. I love it! I personally celebrate a nature-based spiritual path – Ostara – which, for me, means a time of rebirth, of planting, of growing – of enjoying the warmer days and the opportunity to work in the earth.

I love watching the trees explode into umbrellas of green (overnight, it seems, at times), discovering the irises suddenly have tall stalks with their beautiful purple flowers reaching for the sun, and finding that the lilies are unfurling their beautiful white trumpets. And the gingers are peaking out and pushing their new growth stalks out of the still cold ground. Realizing the continuum and never-ending cycle of life is once again perpetuating is a comforting and joyful experience.

Last night hubby and I were resting after a day of him doing paperwork and I doing my beloved “clean up our tiny back yard and make it a livable space again after winter” adventure when we got a call from his daughter’s boyfriend asking about the “plan” for today. We had “planned” on dinner with the family about six – hubby’s son and daughter (and boyfriend) and my daughter and grandsons. “The normal family 8” as we have come to call it since we got married last December.

Boyfriend wondered if we would be interested in Easter picnicking at his parents paint ball facility about an hour out of town instead today – making a day of it – rather than dinner. Absolutely! The teenage grandsons have never been paint balling and have been wanting to go!

So began an unexpected evening packing up disposable tableware, tablecloths, slicing up the ham into a large casserole dish for simplifying heating in the solar oven at his parent’s house (I’ll make the scalloped potatoes this morning) … and deviling eggs:

Deviled Checkies
Deviled Chickies

I saw a picture somewhere this last week of these and had to try them! A REAL pain in the ARSE making them, but how fun! The daughters are bringing salad and dessert.

So off we go in a couple of hours – for a day out in the fresh spring air – for a family day. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Celebrating Mother Earth’s time of vitality growth? Growth in ourselves? We are also celebrating our little “growth” of joining together as a new blended family – something we are finding more joy in that we expected. Hubby is accepting and even enjoying his new “Grandpa Jeff” name, his daughter realized she and her brother are “Auntie Theresa” and “Uncle Jake” – my daughter and son laugh that they have another sister and brother (what does “step” mean, anyway?) and the grand things love that they have so many grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins …

And that paint ball thing? Haha! That should be fun! Last weekend it was roller coasters at Great America – this week shooting people with paint ball guns for the first time (for me) ….. I’m not sure this is what I expected to be doing at 61 … but I can, I am capable, I am doing something new and enjoying my life ….

So my question to you is …. How are you celebrating this season of rebirth, resurrection, liberation?

And, as always, Namaste … I honor you!


6 thoughts on “Easter, Ostara, Passover?

  1. georgiastone

    I love the deviled eggs! Even a non-cook like me can manage those. Wish I’d read this before Easter, but I’m just behind in everything.


  2. Paint balling on Easter!! Why not? We paint eggs on Easter. We have a blended family also although we won’t see my stepson today. He’s just home from the hospital with his wife to be and their newborn daughter this week. So my husband and I will stroll Little Italy in NYC with my daughter and her boyfriend and eat at a restaurant my husband’s family used to frequent. So we’ll feel they’re closeby. We may start to spruce up the balcony or just stay online wishing everyone a Happy Holiday. Enjoy!


  3. Lovely post. Like you, I am nature-based, though I am Jewish. This morning I was out in the garden, laying down compost and setting out seedlings so they can see real sunshine instead of a grow light. The deer were out wandering the neighborhood. I love the sense of liberation that comes with spring! Happy Ostera!


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