A Mani/Pedi and “Me Time” In My Little Sanctuary

It was just one of those calm, warm, easy-going days yesterday – a little work to do (of course, with both Hubby and I having home-based businesses, there is ALWAYS something to do), errands to run – and time for a long-overdue mani/pedi.  With income being somewhat limited on my part, I usually do my own fingers and toes – but, hey, with sandal weather here, it’s a quarterly treat!

And I just love the pampering!

And then I took some “me time” in the late afternoon sun in my little sanctuary – my little tiny back “yard”:

Our Sanctuary
Our Sanctuary

Our tiny vegetable garden, herb garden, tiny trees, lots of  flowers, sunshine and shade, birds, hot tub, and peace and quiet! The vegetable garden has strawberries, 4 different kinds of bell peppers and tomatoes, zucchini, squash, cucumbers, lemon cucumbers, snap peas, radishes and green onions.  Pumpkin seeds are ready to plant.  The little herb garden has spearmint, basil, parsley, tarragon and a lemon thyme.  We have ginger, gardenia, snap dragons, geraniums, irises, lily, ferns, spider plants, ivy, star jasmine and a coleus. Oh and six cranky, cantankerous old rose bushes that scare me! lol!  There’s also a humming bird feeder and a bird bath.

Me time – quietly reading in the sunshine … pulling pesky weeds here and there … deadheading flowers from the plants … sitting in the hot tub .. or my every morning routine of walking around the yard with my coffee cup saying good morning to all my “babies” out there.  Disengaging from the busy world for a few minutes every day.  Refreshing mind, body and soul!

What do you do to refresh your mind, body and soul?  What is your sanctuary?

And, as always … Namaste … I honor you!


16 thoughts on “A Mani/Pedi and “Me Time” In My Little Sanctuary

  1. So nice to land on your site after a day of “me” time that also happened to be mother’s day.
    I sat in the garden and read most of the day. In a nearby tree, I watched a robin attend
    to her newborns that had just hatched. She was endlessly busy, always on guard, flying
    to and fro. It was exhausting to watch. I was glad to “take a day off” after 28 years of mothering.


    1. Carrie, so glad you had a quiet and relaxing Mothers Day! Ironic that you watched yet another “mommy” in her busy day protecting and feeding her babies … lol!

      I’m so delighted to watch my little sanctuary evolve! Strawberries are ripening, cherry tomatoes are growing … snap peas, zucchini and bell peppers are flowering ….

      And I also watched my teenage grandsons simply “be” yesterday, helping their mom around the house and yard in complete cooperation with each other …

      Mommying is pretty cool!

      Best to you!


    1. Sharon, thanks! It is! The strawberries are starting to turn red – and the tomatoe and bellpepper plants are starting to blossom so fruit is not far behind. The pumpkin seeds are planted and the first plant has popped up! I’ll have to take a night shot of “The Sanctuary” with the little fairy lights …. a great little romantic spot for a glass of wine and quiet dinner and a litle Norah Jones filtering out from the Boze …


  2. Maggie,
    Thanks for the love! I live in Sacramento, CA, and our weather this year so far has been very mild. Next week is promising the first signs of summer – temps up into the low 90’s so I know the veggie plants will be extremely happy! Already have tomato and bellpepper blossoms, and the strawberries are already bearing fruit!

    I love my little spot! Though it would be way cool to have half an acre!

    Hugs …


  3. I love your sanctuary! Where do you live that your blooming and growing already? I am a yard hound. I have a 1/2 acre that I’m constantly working on but I know I would be just as happy with a little spot to call my own. Oregon hasn’t really had summer for the last two years so I demand that it shows up this year and my yard is going to be beeeyooootifullll!!!

    Really lovely little spot and don’t you love the hummingbirds? I’m planting a currant bush to make them even happier!


  4. I sacrificed manicures for my gardening habit a long time ago – if I don’t break a nail, I have to scrub the dirt away, which is guaranteed to ruin any polish. But pedicures took their place and if I’m careful, I can keep a pedicure looking decent – at least from a normal standing-up distance – for a good month to six weeks 🙂 I too love puttering around my garden, although I almost always find myself down on bended knee pulling weeds or pruning something!



    1. Terry, I’m very hard on my nails! So manis are few and far between! Thanks for your comment and I’m glad you enjoyed my post! I am just poking around your blogsite …. I’ll have to look closely at your recipes! Have a great week!


      1. I suspect almost all gardeners are murder on fingernails. If not, I’d love to know their secret! I did really enjoy your post – I felt like I was wandering around your garden with you this morning. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Sounds lovely! I felt like I needed rejuvenation yesterday and took an “artist date” to a yarn store. It felt good, but I still need more. Might be time to book a massage…


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