I Wish I Had A Thousand Words For Love

“No Words”

I read once that the ancient Egyptians had fifty words for sand & the Eskimos had a hundred words for snow. I wish I had a thousand words for love, but all that comes to mind is the way you move against me while you sleep & there are no words for that.

~ The Story People

I came across this little story back in the fall of 2007, and it made me cry.  Maybe it was because I was recently divorced from a 9-year relationship that never should have been.  Maybe because it had been so very long since I felt a love for which there were no words – or maybe because I’d always wanted a love that felt like that.

This May was such a busy month on so many levels, and my brain was filled with written lists, mental lists and days filled with checking things off those lists – and with friends with true crisis issues needing consolation on a variety of levels –  And I found no time for letting my mind wander here in blogland and to let my thoughts flow.  It’s getting better …

But what has been seeding in my mind is that I simply feel compelled to comment on the little story above – and how it reflects the way I feel about my hubby.  There simply ARE no words to describe how I feel about him – or how he makes me feel.  Neither of my first two marriages came close to what I am blessed to have now with this man who has been in my life for the last four and a half  years, in my heart for the last two and my husband for the last six months.

This is not a photo of us … but of who I see us to be … today and …..

For ever and always ….. laughing and smiling – kissing and hugging … playing and being joyful – every day.  Each day is an experience in working together, supporting each other, and striving to be the best that each of us can be … for ourselves and for each other.

Thank you, my love, for making me feel this way!

Namaste … I honor you!


6 thoughts on “I Wish I Had A Thousand Words For Love

  1. That we should ALL be so happy …. ;o) He said to me yesterday, “Everything is so perfect, I’m afraid of something going wrong …”, I told him, hey, that’s MY neurosis! We worked a long time to get to where we are today – letting down old fences, taking time to build trust – each of us LETTING ourselves love again … it’s wonderful!


  2. georgiastone

    Hi Itty Bitty: I’m so glad you shared this story! It made me smile at the end of a long, busy day. Love makes me happy.


  3. Mazel tov! What a lovely tribute to your hubby.

    Like you, it took me a long time to find such a love, but it was well worth the wait, eh? May you know ever-deepening happiness for decades to come!


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