Gun Control – Do The Rights of a Few Overshadow the Rights of Many?

I watched Meet The Press this morning (which I seem to be doing more and more lately for some reason) … it was focusing on the current Sandy Hook tragedy – and related conversations about gun control and mental health, etc.

Now I am, most assuredly and admittedly, a nobody … just one itty bitty voicing my opinion …. but feeling compelled to do so because … enough is enough!

I personally do not own a gun.  Never have, don’t care to. That’s my choice.  I have no problem with others choice to own firearms … my children’s father was a police officer, there were always weapons around the house.  My grandfather was a deer hunter. My adult children each own a handgun.  My teenaged grandsons each have a shotgun gifted to them by their paternal grandfather which he keeps locked in a gun safe at his house for them to use when they are there.  Highly supervised.  It is our constitutional right to bear arms. Absolutely.   I also feel it is reasonable and necessary for there to be limitations on the KIND of arms we, as private citizens, have the right to bear.  The Supreme Court says that you can have reasonable limitations on the right to bear arms.

What I am absolutely, 100% against is the necessity of a private citizen to own military-type assault and automatic weapons.  These are not designed for “self protection” … they are not designed for “hunting/gathering of food” … they are specifically designed to kill people.  They are, indeed, by virtue of being automatic, rapid fire, large clip …. simply weapons of mass destruction with no other purpose than killing another human being. There is absolutely no justification for these types of “arms” to be available in any capacity other than for military combat.

Some of the paraphrased comments from Meet The Press this morning that resonated with me follow …

  • President Obama’s comment was restated … We need to come together and take meaningful action to avoid another tragedy like this without politics.  (I would add and without agenda)
  • NYC Mayor Bloomberg said, every time these tragedies happen, someone says now is not the time …. and someone also says if you would have taken action this wouldn’t have happened.  (NOW is the time to take action … not later …)  The NRA‘s #1 objective was to defeat Obama.  He won comfortably.  The myth that the NRA can destroy political careers is just not true. (While the NRA has a place in our society, they also need to realize that just because people feel they want to bear military-style assault weapons, it does not mean they have the RIGHT to, or it is the right thing to do.)  If congress were not so afraid of NRA,if they were to stand up and do whats right for America, we would all be better off. (I don’t believe the NRA is as omnipotent as it thinks it is)
  • Gun owners have even spoken – many think an assault weapons ban makes sense in this day and age but the NRA is never willing to have any restrictions whatsoever regardless of how reasonable it may be.
  • There have been 31 school shootings since Columbine yet there has there been no change in gun laws.
  • The more freedom we as a society have, the  more abuse of freedom there is.  (The epitome of “entitlement”?)
  • Rupert Murdock recently twittered: “When will politicians find courage to ban automatic weapons?”  (How about NOW?)

And one recently-released incredulous fact about the mother of the shooter at Sandy Hook … she was a gun enthusiast.  She most legally bought the 9 mm Sig Sauer handgun, 9 mm  Glock handgun, and the .223 caliber Bushmaster assault rifle that was recovered at the school.  She purportedly bought them for self-protection.  She purportedly took her acknowledged mentally and behavioral disabled son to the shooting range and encouraged him to shoot because he enjoyed it.  As it turns out, these weapons were obviously left accessible to him, at least on Friday, December 14.

As the grandmother of a 13-year old emotionally disturbed child, who in his 7th grade year has suddenly started threatening classmates and himself, the ONE CERTAIN THING is that every possible (obvious) weapon has been removed or locked up.  That includes a gun safe at his father’s house being removed from there to another location. Locks on knife drawers.  Locks on bedroom doors where there may be harmful drugs stored.  He is never left unsupervised.  It is just what you do.  Every time.

I wonder what that mother was thinking?  Did she really need two automatic handguns and an assault rifle to protect her home?

Are you at that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH point on reasonable gun limitations?  If you are, I implore you to become active.

A fellow blogger friend, Sharon Greenthal, posted a blog this morning,  The Sandy Hook Massacre and Gun Control: What You Can Do To Help .  Please read it and do whatever you can.  It is far past time to stop this insanity!

Namaste – I honor you –

Itty Bitty Boomer


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