So I Gave Her A Dollar … Just In Case …

Another lovely bit of wisdom from the wonderful folks at  Story People …..  Happiest of Holidays, Merriest of Christmases … stay tightly warm and safe in the arms of friends and family!  Be grateful for every little thing in your life …. and be sure to share a little love and compassion with a total stranger …… Namaste … I honor you …Itty Bittypurplemadonna


5 thoughts on “So I Gave Her A Dollar … Just In Case …

    1. Happy New Year, Ms. Maggie! I love The Story People … This one is one of my favorites! Kinda reminds mA e of Hawaiian superstitions about picking up the little old lady in white when driving over Pali Highway on Oahu …. do you or don’t you? lol! I’m good! A head full of thoughts all trying to get out at once … and lots of calls for weddings at my beautiful Villa! Busy is good …. and you!???


  1. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    I’m never sure whether or not to help out those folks holding their cardboard signs, so occasionally, if I have a dollar, I’ll hand it to them. Who knows if they really need it? A friend told me that her neighbors make $300 a day panhandling.


    1. Teresa,
      I totally understand where you are coming from! There are many who abuse “panhandling” – I see it all the time and so am normally very jaded about giving folks a buck … especially when I see them every single day somewhere …. and then again there are those occassions where I truly feel someone could use a little “help”. More often than not, I’ll buy a cup of coffee, or offer a fast food meal …. I’m disheartened by those who actually turn down the food … Happy New Year!


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