2012 = Habits vs 2013 = Intentions


2012 – A good great year in so many respects!  And I am grateful for all the wonderful people and things that came my way, make no mistake!  And, it was the year that rather proved to be action driven by habit.  Particularly the bad ones.  Harrumph ….  ‘nough said, nothing to be done about what is past.

2013 –  has every possibility of being even more life-changing – in good ways!  I don’t recall a year starting recently where I have felt so encouraged … engaged … full of INTENTION for positive change and growth.  It’s nice for a change.

  1. The Villa Privata (click for my first professional photos!) is now starting to take flight!  “Engagement Season” is in full bloom (next to Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving to Christmas is the crazy time when tons of engagements occur) and I am now receiving almost one inquiry (if not two) a day!   Weekends are becoming work  play days touring brides and the loves of their lives and/or families around the Villa and listening to their visions for their perfect day … that’s not work … it’s …. amazing!   The energy that has gone out is now returning multi-fold!  That alone is creating more energy ….
  2. I joined Weight Watchers this week … I know, I know, this seems rather incongruous for someone who has had gastric bypass surgery … but the fact is that the regain I’ve experienced over the last four years is pissing me off … now I co-relate this with the fact that I fell in love four years ago and I’ve been happy (and therefore a bit complacent) as I’ve ever been especially the last two years … AND I promised myself that I would NEVER EVER in my life again be morbidly obese.  Never. I have the tool to avoid that … what I have not been able to convince myself of is ACCOUNTABILITY!  I am forcing myself into accountability by joining WW – by committing to weighing in once a week … committing myself to TRACKING what I eat … BITE IT, WRITE IT! 
  3. I started back to the gym this week … walking to start … in spite of Achilles heel tendonitis …. then moving on to circuit next week.  It’s been too darned cold to walk the park by the river a mile or so from where I live or ride my bicycle …. BRRRRRRRR!!!
  4. As a family we are seriously changing gears on working with my 13-year old emotionally disabled grandson …. last year ended in a parting of the ways with the public middle school ED program he was attending.  The class of 30 ED students with one teacher and 2 aids was simply out of control and had him in a constant state of high anxiety pushing him to aggression and schizo-effective behaviors at school and because the teacher didn’t have the time to properly deal with him (or any of the students, all of which have behaviors), ended up either being placed in “on-site suspension” (sitting alone in an adjacent classroom most of the day with no breaks other than to go to the bathroom) or being suspended from school for 1 – 3 days.  There was no behavioral support plan being followed (again no time) … and it got to the point where we engaged an advocate for him, and then an attorney, to force the school district to provide the required services for him.  The district’s response?  Get him out of their hair into a private school specializing in high-functioning autism and other behavioural issues.  Today we start touring schools …. and he loses another week’s instructional time.  BUT his whole little, anxiety-ridden life is on the road to improvement with his family firmly planted behind him and on his side.
  5. Hubby learned (from his eye doctor) that he has high blood pressure this week … so the improvement steps I am taking are flowing right down to him … as I told him,  I had one husband drop dead of a heart attack 20 years ago … I’ll be damned if I’m going to do that again! Since I do most of the grocery shopping, it will be easy – and he pretty much eats what I put in front of him!  No more Mr. Nice Guy Girl!

INTENTIONS, not resolutions.  baby steps … small goals …. positive changes … leaving not so healthy habits behind and creating new ones.

So that’s where my 2013 is … what are your INTENTIONS for 2013?   What negative habits did you leave in 2012?

Namaste … I honor YOU!   Please don’t forget to honor yourself.

Itty Bitty …


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