Hey, I’m Still Crushin’ 47 Years Later!

I was fifteen (almost sixteen) years old in the summer of 1966 …. and he was eighteen.   Peter Noone and the (Herman’s) Hermits were stopping in Sacramento to do a concert at the Memorial Auditorium … I had my favorite seats … Section 113, Row A, seats 25 and 23 (for my best friend Polly) … on the balcony, corner seats, RIGHT OVER THE STAGE!  I was always in the first five people in line to buy tickets when they went on sale, because, y’know, then there wasn’t any such thing as on-line, or calling into Ticketmaster for tickets.  But we had the joy of getting to know the kids in line as we waited hours for the box office to open!

But I’m off the subject now … I was fifteen (almost sixteen) and he was eighteen … and I was so in love with that sweet, innocent face that my heart hurt!   I knew “we” could never “be” … but we could be friends, right?  I wrote a letter to him and mailed it to the fan club president (hey, I was young) explaining that I lived in a really nice mobile home park with a private pool – and he and “the boys” were welcome to come over and hang out, have a bbq, enjoy the Sacramento summer a little in privacy … if they wanted to.   Just call me and let me know ….

Of course I didn’t hear from him … but the concert was incredible and awesome and … and … and …

And I’ve seen him in concert probably eight times since then over the years,  two with sweet Davy Jones … they performed so well together  … being silly, joking around, playing off of each other …. the last time I saw them together was in 2009 to a packed venue of not only Baby Boomers, but boomer kids and boomer grandkids – and the wildest ones?  The Boomers, of course!

RIP, Davy …

The last time I saw Peter was September 12,  2010 – I finally got to meet him!  I look wilted (and, ok, maybe a Newcastle or two) … but then Sacramento summer nights can typically be still 90 degrees at 11 pm … which this particular evening was.  It was also filled with nostalgia and joy.

Photo: Yummy! Have had a crush on him since I was about 14!

Peter & me – 9/12/10 Thunder Valley Amphitheater

I told him a little story about my best friend Sam who lived in Monticeto in Southern California (as Peter still does).  Their kids (her son and his daughter) went to middle school together, and when the kids were about 13, went on a date to the movie theater.  Sam accompanied her son …. and Peter chaparoned his daughter … to the movie theater ….  much to the kids’ chagrin, and much to Sam’s delight!  He laughed and said, “Oh, yes! I remember that!  Nice Jewish girl (referring to my friend Sam)!”  Of course I had to call her right then and there and tell her my little story!

So I guess I’m due for another Peter fix …. maybe he’ll be back ’round this summer  …. and I’ll be there again! Just like every time he comes through this area!

And  “Listen People”  is still one of my favorite songs … listen people … it’s all about love!  Love you still, Peter Noone! As ever …

itty bitty

PS – I am delighted to say that this is part of a GenFab bloghop on Celebrity Crushes (link to other blogs coming soon)!


10 thoughts on “Hey, I’m Still Crushin’ 47 Years Later!

  1. I was SO hoping you were going to say he came to the pool. Anyway, he never did much for me until I heard “Mrs. Brown” which made me well up – I really hoped Mrs. Brown might get them back together.


    1. I was SO hoping he’d come to the pool too … young and foolish … but anyway .. a fun memory! So was throwing my favorite green stuffed frog “Froggy” at the last Rolling Stones concert I went to (summer of 1967) and hit Brian Jones! lol! I think that’s why I loved those seats so much!


    1. Thanks, Lisa! Nice to hear from you …. this made me think about the other “celebrities” I’ve actually met over the years … working at a hotel that did a bit of “entertainment travel” more than a few came through … and being the director of sales I got to handle the accounts and meet with the tour managers and sometimes the celebs .. interesting people, most of them …. some nice, some not so nice .. some downright full of themselves! Peter Noone is one of the nice ones ..


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