Sisterhood and a Red Tent

I love being busy – even at “my age” (realizing I’m on the 63-side of 62)!  I’m not ready to stop “working” or stop being productive – granted, some of that is financially motivated – but I was never one to be contented bring a stay-at-home mom (with absolutely no disrespect intended to those who choose to be) or a kept woman (oh, that’s right, I never was).  I never had the financial security to do either. Not complaining – it was what it was.

There was little time for girlfriends/sisterhoods while working full time and  raising two kids (including being a brownie/girl scout/cub scout/marching band/pipe band mom). Or three kids if you count the first husband with mental illness issues. That was  followed by the second husband who came with no desire to be a father and his two little ones (every other weekend)  barely older than my grandsons, and parenting aging parents.  That phase of my life has been followed by assisting my single-mom daughter with my (now teenage) grandsons (one of which is special needs), oh, and loving the love of my life – my hubby.

I still work – two and a half part time “jobs” – operating the lovely Villa in the foothills three days a week and helping hubby with his environmental consulting business. The half part time “job” is my dream of building an independent meeting planning/event services consultancy.  I have the joy of being a gramma taxi every other week (not so much in summer) – of poking around in our back yard garden (the strawberries tomatoes and summer squashes are starting to grow), and being a domestic goddess around the house.

So what’s missing here? Time for those girlfriend/sisterhood relationships!  I miss it!

I recently stumbled on a book called “The Red Tent” by Anita Diamant – and the little heard-of Red Tent Movement.  While Daimant’s book is about the biblical character Dinah and her history and cultural customs (including the requirement that women enter the “red tent” every new moon for the first three days of their menstrual cycles) – the real or under story is about the sharing of love, support, joys, sadness, births and deaths between the women and their use of the time to rest from their daily lives and obligations, and replenish their minds and souls.  The Red Tent Movement seeks to bring women together (locally) at the New Moon (whether for a few hours, a day, a weekend)for the fostering of sisterhood, friendship, sharing, support, music,  creativity – and honoring our natural cycles that are our woman-ness.  Doesn’t matter whether it’s a small or large group – it’s the coming together in support of each other, whether we are maidens, mothers or crones.  We each have wisdom to share!

I will be inviting my “sisters” to a red tent evening soon – a time away to relax, rejuvenate, share, laugh, cry, sing, celebrate, grieve … be ….. in friendship (new and old), in sisterhood, in womanhood – where all understand the demands of being not just women, but of being partners, wives, mothers, children of aging parents, working women, stay at home women .. a place of trust and safety within each other.

Do you have a “place” to share with your sisters/friends?

Namaste, my sisters – I honor you –

Itty Bitty


4 thoughts on “Sisterhood and a Red Tent

  1. Girlfriends are so important and I am blessed to have many from childhood, college and friends I’ve made in just the last year. I have girl time at least once a week and I think it keeps me more lively and feeling younger. Does that sound weird?

    I’m glad you are doing this for yourself and your ladies. You deserve to do things just for you, you have been doing for others for so long.

    As for The Red Tent, meh. I couldn’t get through it. Just. Couldn’t.

    Happy Weekend!


    1. I didn’t think I would like it …. it’s not my typical genre, but I found the story interesting from the generation to generation history … I used to participate in a women’s ritual group that was similar in concept with sharing in a safe environment – and we also, being pagan influenced, created sacred spaces and significant rituals to the topics of our meetings.

      Thanks for your comment, Ms. Mags!


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