My Daily Post – Opposites – Last Sunday In The Park

Since I usually do non-fiction entries, and today’s daily prompt is do something opposite, here are some photos I took last weekend!

Last Sunday the 7-day heat wave in the Sacramento Valley  had finally broken.  After a week of hiding in the house avoiding the 105+ degree heat, it was time for Hubby and I to jump on our bikes and ride the 2 miles to the beautiful  Ancil Hoffman Park which is in our neighborhood!

Sunday In The Park
Sunday In The

From our blanket under the tree,  where we read and snacked on peanuts and Propel, this was our view …

Our Park View
Our Park View

This little guy wanted peanuts to:

Squirrel and Peanut
Squirrel and Peanut

The American River – about 200 yards from where we were sitting …. popular lazy rafting spot in the summer ….

Rafting On The River
Rafting On The River

I love Sacramento in the Summer!

Namaste …. I honor you –

Itty Bitty


Author: The Itty Bitty Boomer

Real life as it happens behnd the picket fence.

3 thoughts on “My Daily Post – Opposites – Last Sunday In The Park”

    1. It’s the best … was there again at the gloaming last night – tons of little skunks, deer, wild turkeys (and one young peacock in the midst of them???), geese – just wonderful! A bit of heaven in our suburbia …


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