Stevie Nicks, Ya Still Got It, Girl!

The sad thing is I’ve been going to concerts for … UGH! 47 years? Not so often these days – it has to be someone really special …. like the inimitable Fleetwood Mac.  The great thing is … I still love going to concerts.

Hubby, daughter, her work friend and I went on July 6 to their last US date on their current tour.  Amazing! They are still so full of music and energy and enthusiasm – it was everything a concert experience should be:  A blend of their old, familiar hits as Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks performing her unforgettable songs, Lindsey Buckingham‘s amazing guitar work, Mick Fleetwood‘s amazing drumming and incredible drum solos… AND a few cuts from the NEW CD coming out soon – with all new material!

And two and a half hours of non-stop, no break, no opening act music interspersed with engaging conversation with the audience.  Wish there’d been more Sacramento performances – I would have gone to every one, I’m afraid.

Highlight? A friend sitting on the floor, seven rows back, got this wonderful photo of Stevie Nicks …. not bad for a camera phone!  She still looks amazing for being 65 ….

Stevie Nicks July 6 Sacramento
Stevie Nicks July 6 Sacramento

Is this not SO and TOTALLY the wonderful, magical Stevie?

And so as I relish in the memories of a fabulous concert –

Namaste, Stevie Nicks – you ROCK!

Itty Bitty


4 thoughts on “Stevie Nicks, Ya Still Got It, Girl!

  1. I interviewed her back in the day. Alas, it was a phoner set for 5:00, which is when I was supposed to be finished working for the day. She kept me waiting for 90 minutes – but was so open and sweet when she finally called, that I quickly forgot how pissed off I had been. Nice to see her doing so well.


  2. Unbelievable that she’s 65! I love Stevie Nicks, and am bummed I missed Fleetwood Mac this time around!! I remember my college roommate and I totally wore out our Rumours album!! Thanks for sharing!


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