Smile, Laugh, Be Happy!

From the wonderful, uplifting blog heartflow2013 – a delightful, DELIGHTFUL video of a kitty – hubby and I have a curious kitty like this who makes us laugh constantly …. do you?

Happy Wednesday, my friends!

Namaste – I honor curious kitties!


New Earth Heartbeat

Here is the YouTube of a cat that looks much like our Merlina, however it is perhaps the most mischievous cat I have ever seen! Smile, Laugh and Be Happy today!

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7 thoughts on “Smile, Laugh, Be Happy!

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  2. So cute. We just lost another cat over 4th of July so we are down to one. Happily she doesn’t like to roam and does spend a lot of time chasing moths and running at nothing. Thanks for the smile, Itty Bitty.


    1. Tomas – we have three – two gray tabbys and one ragdoll … the ragdoll is the outrageously curious, silly, never still (till she passes out asleep) goofball .. just like Maru! Thakns so much for sharing the video – I did indeed smile, laugh and am still happy!


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