Smile, Laugh, Be Happy!

From the wonderful, uplifting blog heartflow2013 – a delightful, DELIGHTFUL video of a kitty – hubby and I have a curious kitty like this who makes us laugh constantly …. do you?

Happy Wednesday, my friends!

Namaste – I honor curious kitties!


New Earth Heartbeat

Here is the YouTube of a cat that looks much like our Merlina, however it is perhaps the most mischievous cat I have ever seen! Smile, Laugh and Be Happy today!

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Author: The Itty Bitty Boomer

Real life as it happens behnd the picket fence.

7 thoughts on “Smile, Laugh, Be Happy!”

  1. So cute. We just lost another cat over 4th of July so we are down to one. Happily she doesn’t like to roam and does spend a lot of time chasing moths and running at nothing. Thanks for the smile, Itty Bitty.


    1. Tomas – we have three – two gray tabbys and one ragdoll … the ragdoll is the outrageously curious, silly, never still (till she passes out asleep) goofball .. just like Maru! Thakns so much for sharing the video – I did indeed smile, laugh and am still happy!


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