Checking in to Grossinger’s Resort – reblogged from Abandoned NYC

When I was a teenager bored as hell during summer vacations, I always thought it would be perfection to spend a summer in the Catskills at a resort the way folks from NYC did … wildly beyond 2 weeks at Girl Scout camp!  Swimming, innumerable activities, forging summer friendships and summer crushes … dances, dining, sort of 5-star camping …..

And then Dirty Dancing came out years later and, just as I imagined when I was a teen,  Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner!  The summer dreams of a California teen came flooding back – and I knew it was somewhere like Grossinger’s Resort that I had been dreaming of.  Too bad it was closed in 1970, long before the movie came out, though the movie was set in the late 60’s.

Checking in to Grossinger’s Resort – a look at what remained of this grand resort as of 2011 – on a wonderful blog called Abandoned NYC – is a marvelous look at a lifestyle that once was … an era that has sadly passed when families actually spent summer vacations together … well, somewhere they did! But, hey, I still don’t understand why a dinner/dance club couldn’t be successful with us Baby Boomers!

Namaste! And thank you, Will at Abandoned NYC for sharing this lovely piece of Americana!

Itty Bitty

2 thoughts on “Checking in to Grossinger’s Resort – reblogged from Abandoned NYC”

  1. That is too spooky! My parents honeymooned at The Nevele and my in laws at The Concord. We spend a few weekends during my very young childhood at The Nevele. That is so scary to look at those pictures! An era vanished forever..


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