Itchy Fingers and Continuing Sagas – Post Gastric Bypass Regain

Every day I wake up and say – today is the day I get back to blogging regularly – because life is, well, being lived – every day …. and yet I don’t.  And I can’t figure out if it’s because there is so much I want to blog about swirling around in my brain that I can’t focus on one thing or another – or if I just can’t get my head around those swirling things and blog about them.  Some give me joy – some terrify me. The moment defines which direction I want to go – and then I do nothing.  But my fingers are itchy to let the thoughts out …

So the itchy finger issue today is the recurring topic of the annoying fact that since my gastric bypass 8 years ago, in the last 5 and a half years I have regained 30 pounds of the 95 that I so joyfully lost.

Reason?  I stopped doing what works. Got complacent – lazy if you will.  Coincidentally, it was 5 and a half years ago that I met my hubby.   Is that what contentment does? nah.  I just got cocky and lazy.  Returned to old habits – forgot to work my program.

A Facebook page I follow – A Post-Op and A Doc – (here is their website also: Connie Stapleton & A Post-Op And A Doc)  two post-ops:  one PHD specializing in recovery issues of all kinds and a post-op who now does motivational speaking for bariatric afterlife (both incredible, beautiful, amazing women) – posted the following today and it really hit home with me:


Post-Op Here: So, I had this thought…If you’re doing something, and it works…shouldn’t you KEEP doing it? And, if you stop doing it, should you be surprised if it stops working? 

We hear from so many people who say, “Help me! I’m regaining and I can’t stop it! I know I’m eating more carbs now, and working out less, and not journaling my food…and I know I drink sometimes, but still — WHY AM I REGAINING?”

Which of course makes me say, “You DO know why you’re regaining…because you stopped doing what worked!”

The question is: Why don’t you want to do what you know works?

Ahh…..because you’re looking for a softer, easier way, right? 

Well…there’s really only one way to be healthy, and that’s to do healthy things…at least 11 of them (if you’re to believe the Gotta Do ‘Ems!) 

Here’s my challenge to you: If you stopped doing what worked (and started regaining), how about if you start doing what works again, and see if it actually…WORKS?

And then, to further my “ah-hah” moment, I wondered how can I tell my son that age-old recovery adage – you can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results + when I am doing the same thing and wondering why things aren’t changing?  Granted our issues are different, but the insanity is just the same.

And what are the “Gotta Do’Em’s”?

1. Make Healthy Food Choices
2. Maintain Portion Control
3. Exercise Regularly 
4. Drink Water All Day.
5. Eat Breakfast
6. Plan Your Meals/Follow Your Plan.
7. Keep a Food Diary.
8. Keep an Exercise Diary.
9. Get Enough Sleep
10. Use a Healthy Support System
11. Get Individual and/or Group Therapy
These are not tips for only weight loss surgery post-ops – but for anyone working to control weight issues.  And today it was an extremely well-timed reminder.
Thank you, Connie Stapleton and Cari De La Cruz for your continuing and loving support of the bariatric community!
Namaste – I honor you both and your unconditional love and support

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