Why do I love you? Let me count the ways!

Through my event planning contacts, I ran across this blog this morning – 365 Days Of Love.

The concept of this blog is that if you can find 365 things you love about your spouse, significant other, or anyone in your life for that matter, then you have an incredible chance of that relationship lasting forever. As it happens, at this time of my life, those around me about whom I care very much are in various stages of relationships and yet each scenario seemed to have the promise of benefiting equally ….

  • My stepdaughter and her sweetie are engaged and getting married in four months. A sweet way to begin their married life together!
  • My son and his wife are going through a very difficult time right – re-evaluating the very core of their 13 year marriage.  Maybe this would help them strengthen all the good things that brought them together and help them  heal the difficulties. Maybe … maybe not – but at a time like this, introspection and sharing is never a bad thing.
  • My daughter is at the beginning of a very new relationship – her list would definitely be different – or over the year evolving – a list not to share, but perhaps to build on and if the relationship grows, to share in a year or so.

And then there is hubby and me … and I am just so much in love with him as we approach the end of our 6th year together (this photo was from 2008 – 6 months into our budding romance)!


I am compelled to make my list and then tell him one reason each day why I love him.

Can you list 365 reasons why you love someone in your life? Challenge yourself – and in the meantime, have a wonderful Christmas – Hanukkah – Kwanzaa – Yule – however you celebrate this special time of the year.


And here’s to another year – 2014 – with the hope and promise of love and peace – health and prosperity (in it’s many forms) – to you and yours!

Namaste – I honor all that is you.

Itty Bitty


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