Non-Scale Victories and Surviving to Thriving

How ever one chooses to do it, losing weight (and maintaining it) is a challenging process.  It requires constant effort – staying on task – being consistent – knowing there will be those periods of time when, try as we might, we don’t drop pounds.

It is during those times, or even when we ARE dropping pounds consistently (steadily, slowly or quickly, no matter), the even more empowering changes in our lives are those amazing NSV’sNON-SCALE VICTORIES.   They make the journey worth the struggle more than that darned scale!

I received an email yesterday from a YouTuber that I follow who does a little series she calls ProofWLSWorks where she answers questions about weight loss surgery.  Rosemary Almgren is an amazing, inspiring woman who shares her journey candidly and honestly.

Here is a link to her YouTube:

Take a listen – it’s a 10-minute (or so) break that is WELL worth the time and inspiration!

When you have a little more time, watch and listen to Rosemary and her twin Connie’s journeys to weight loss surgery – bring along a box of tissue …

Rosemary & Connie – Surviving To Thriving

Namaste – I honor you and YOUR non-scale victories and your journey!

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