Peeking Out Of My Cave

I miss spending time here with my bloggy friends and followers – sharing experiences and thoughts with you and reading about yours.

Life gets a little crazy at times, and I get caught  between sharing,  retreating into my little hole in the wall, or staring at the blank new post screen not able to focus my thoughts enough to write.

Then I remember, why did I create this blog anyway?  To share the experiences of being a 60-something baby boomer.  That includes the ups, downs, joys and sorrows; the reflections that come with age – as well as the learning experiences that continue forever – and, of course, working through the ongoing life transitions that come with the territory.

There are many out there going through the same ups and downs – who may need to know just that and find a little peace in knowing they are not alone …. I find comfort in the supportive comments of others who have walked the same path or just send out that bit of universal love …  and I find release in writing down my thoughts.

The last eight months have been consumed with emotional opposites – fear and anxiety, joy and expectation, in huge ways –

  • My eldest has seemingly found a safe new relationship that continues to grow every day – and for them I am joyous as they both deserve  the happiness they are experiencing.
  • My youngest continues to struggle with bi-polar disorder, and a myriad of problems from a life turned upside down in the last year.  Child is now home with me for a time, averting homelessness, with emotional support, access to mental health services, allowing space to seek centering and balance.  The struggle continues, but for now I do not lay awake all night waiting for the phone to ring with every parent’s worst nightmare.  He is safe in my home.
  • My hubby’s youngest got married last weekend, culminating months of intensive planning. The wedding and reception was beautiful.  The crème de la crème being that her mother (hubby’s ex) and mom’s family were full of complements and gratitude that daughter experienced her dream day.  No stress there!

Life’s joys and sorrows – they stop for no-one – follow their own ebb and flow – it’s exhausting!

Namaste – I honor you in your joys and sorrows …

Itty Bitty



3 thoughts on “Peeking Out Of My Cave

  1. I was recently nominated for Wonderful Team Member Readership Award by fellow blogger Rob from This is the first time I have received an award. So I am very happy. Sorry it took me so long to post but my wonderful vacation has delayed everything. Thanks Rob so much.
    1. Display the award. (done)
    2. Thank the person who nominated me on their blog. (done)
    3. Nominate 14 blogs who are readers of my blog. (done)
    4. Let the nominees know. (done soon)


  2. Hi Itty Bitty! I am so glad you checked in. I, too, have been unbloggy. Nothing’s wrong just can’t seem to get it goin’. I’m so glad your son is home, what a relief for you to be able to watch over him. I hope he gets the help he needs, that is a tough condition to moderate.

    Happy Easter and peace to you.
    xo mag


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