Dear Judgey McJudgerpants:

I could not have said it better! A must share and a must read!
Thank you to “The Beauty Of Being Boring”!

Kim Berube: Next Level Grow

I’m writing this letter as a reminder. 

Here are a few things you know to be true.

1) You spot it, you got it. It’s so much easier to pick out the flaws and imperfections of others. I’m not sure why you do it (habit? patterns? human nature?) but, I am reminding you that it isn’t the way you want to show up and live. You absolutely know that others are doing the best they can at any given moment – so, cut them some slack. Remember that you don’t like to be judged and that you choose to ‘give away’ all that you want to receive. And frankly, who says you’re doing it right?

Grant acceptance.
Be tolerant.
Overlook what you perceive.

And just meet people where they are.
It frees them.
And you.

2) If you judge people, you have no time to love them

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