The Wearys and Feels – They Don’t Stop


Someday, I hope you have a child fall asleep on your chest & in that moment, with the soft whisper of their breath against your skin, I hope you’ll find the place you’ve been looking for, without any effort at all, right there in your chest where your child sleeps….

The Story People 

It was easy back then – when my babies were small, falling asleep, breathing softly on my chest, or in my arms. The world was perfect then.

I look at them, now in their 40’s, and wonder why our family was chosen for the chaos that ensued. And I cry for them, and I pray for them – and I wish like hell I could take their pain and demons away.

I’ve only ever wished for them the peace I found in those moments back then – and yet this simple wish seems so elusive.

Namaste – I honor their pain – and yours.

Itty Bitty


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