Mind Full or Mindful?

Well, I can’t honestly say yesterday was a fabulous day – but it was truly a more mindful day.  I paid attention to what I was eating and water consumption, was careful about portions, took the one flight of stairs  up and down to the lobby (50 steps each round trip) a number of times even though my knees were killing me – and was exhausted by the end of the day.


What happened then?  I transitioned from Mindful to a Mind Full of all kinds of stuff while driving home and instead of fixing a salad with a chicken breast (or something similar) for dinner, I grabbed Mexican food to go for my son and I – and ate way too many carbs at the wrong time of day. Comfort food no doubt, and my glass of wine.  But I felt like crap for hours.

Then my adult son called just after ten to tell me he was out of gas (and no money) not too far away (within 5 miles) and then it was midnight before I could settle down and go to sleep.

But I did take positive steps!

  • Vitamins!
  • Sign up for Kaiser’s bariatric support group  starting September 25 then every 2nd and 4th Monday at 4:30 pm.
  • And tonight I firm up my Senior Advantage/Silver Fit gym membership.

Working on going from Mind Full to Mindful.  Are you?


Namaste my friends!

Itty Bitty










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