Mindful …

It’s not that hard I’m finding – In a week I’ve lost 3 pounds – I’m happy with that! And it’s mostly just consciously not eating carbs (like pasta, breads, obvious refined little buggers) and focusing on lean proteins, veggies and salads.  More water. Less wine.

It’s ok! I can do this.

9 more days until our little family sets sail from Long Beach to Catalina and on to Ensenada – and until I get to officiate over my daughter and soon to be son in law’s nuptials onboard.  It’ll be the first family vacation I can recall for decades.

Carnival Inspiration

My daugher and sweetie and my son have never been on a cruise. I’ve been on one officially – and then one military transport in 1955 – does that count?  We’re hoping for a simple, fun, relaxing time.  I think we all need it.

And even with all that food – there is really no reason on earth to overindulge in unhealthy foods – and we’re not taking the $50 per day unlimited sodas and drinks pass. We’re taking advantage of being able to take a 6 or 12 pack of soda and a bottle of wine each to share around.  And then if we’re in the piano bar or karaoke or somewhere, buying a drink isn’t such a financial investment!

Even today – and tonight going to dinner and a baseball game with my ex, I tried to be mindful – engish muffin with a little peanut butter and a hard boiled egg for breakfast, 3 oz of chicken and string beans for lunch, a protein shake for afternoon doldrums, and Thai food for dinner – small cup of Tom Kai soup, a stuffed chicken wing (ground chicken, mung beans for the most part), carmelized onions and pork with about a 1/2 cup of steamed rice, and a taste of not so good pad thai noodles, iced tea, water – a 12 oz beer at the game along with some garlic fries and a bottle of water – and a small glass of wine when I got home.

Mindfulness is getting easier.

Namaste my friends – be mindful – and love yourself.

Itty Bitty


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