Unraveling America?

ropeThanks, GOP for taking away the ability of the little guy to seek legal recourse against financial institutions through class action suits when we are harmed by them.

Heaven knows, the little guy can certainly afford legal fees to fight individually against the likes of Wells Fargo or Experian when they cause us financial harm.

Oh, that’s right, we can’t. We can’t afford it – and we will simply be swatted aside, like a pesky fly, and ignored.

WAY TO GO! Because we certainly don’t want these huge, profitable companies to suffer when they financially hurt their customers.

OH! And it gets even better! The big financial institutions CAN file class action suits against entities that financially harm THEM! But then again, they can afford it.

How does the present administration (and I cannot bring myself to say the word President in the same sentence as #45) expect to close the gap of divisiveness when all that seems to be happening are actions that divide and seem to help only those who don’t need it.  And further financially weaken the middle class and financially struggling.

The rich get richer and the rest of us parish – and the true needs of the majority are simply ignored.

What is next?  Oh yeah, today’s big statement about ENDING the opioid crisis – of course without any funding.  End it.  Whatever.  He has no clue.

Namaste, my friends – these are trying times, but I honor you and your struggles.

Itty Bitty


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