Who’s Itty Bitty?


I am mom to two adult children (each with their own mental health issues such as bipolar disorders, anxiety disorders, depression among others) and Grandma to two young men (one with bipolar disorder and schizo-affective disorder).  My first husband had bipolar disorder that didn’t manifest itself until we were married 12 years.

My experiences have to amount to something positive – and perhaps my tales of the past, along with the adventures still to come – will ring a bell of familiarity to some, help make one person realize they are not alone in their journey, educate, entertain, or even disdain others … the certain thing is that it is all real life.  I still learn lessons from my experiences  and people who have crossed and continue to cross my path in life.

Friends have said I need to write a book … truth is that reality is far stranger than fiction – I wouldn’t known where to begin.

The most important thing I have learned is to be grateful and find joy in the midst of chaos … and I use this forum to share my life, wisdom, and questions with you .. with grace and humor, joy, sadness and, at time even anger … and I always welcome your stories and comments … for we can learn from each other.  And even though it’s quite imaginary, I guess I do have my white picket fence

Welcome!  to life behind the  picket fence – it’s certainly not what I expected and …

Namaste … I honor YOU and all your experience and wisdom!

The Itty Bitty Boomer



37 thoughts on “Who’s Itty Bitty?

  1. John Phillipis

    Aloha Marie… I hope I have the right Marie. If you were married to Big Dan and lived in Honolulu, then you are my lost friend. Just dropping a line to say Aloha! I’m now living back in Hawaii. Been back 14 years. I’ve been raising my last two, Alisha (19) and Landon (17). Hope life has been kind to you. Aloha. John Phillipis (Flip)


    1. Hi John! Saw your connect on Facebook – yes, same Marie …. I was thinking about you a few weeks ago – wondering what you’re up to! lol! I’m doing well – my “kids” – 37 and 41! Also have two grandsons – 14 and 18 – good Lord how time flies! Let’s reconnect! (new) hubby and I visit Hawaii every few years.


  2. Hi itty bitty boomer,
    We have long been fans of Boomer Adventures and follow it regularly. It has been an inspiration to us as bloggers at Second Lives Club. Recently we expanded our blogroll to include pictures and titles from recent posts. We just wanted to let you know you continue to be well positioned there.

    We hope this will help in some small way to drive traffic to your deserving site. If you have any ideas and suggestions for SecondLivesClub, we’d love hearing from you.
    Thanks Maryl & Caryl


  3. Compliments on being candid, honest and humane. Those of us who’ve had multiple challenging life experiences deserve to be heard – and hearing these stories confirms that we must cope and hope.

    We would love you to do a guest blog on our Once Upon Our Times Blog. We will contact you. Thanks, Sharon & Cookie


    1. Betty, thanks so much for checking out my little blog … I read a line in your blog intro about loss and figuring out we reach a point where we just need to roll with life, basically … that’s it … as my dad used to say, pull up your socks and keep on walking. Also, when I was going through my mom’s wallet after she passed away, there was a little cartoon folded up in her wallet that had the inimitable caption on it reading, “Pull up your big girl panties and DEAL WITH IT”! I figured out it was her last lesson to me.
      I’ve just poked a bit around your blog but can already see I LIKE YOU!
      Have a great weekend!


  4. clownonfire

    The Itty Bitty Boomer,

    Don’t be fooled by Le Clown. He thinks he can shock people but he’s so old news…

    You have a lovely blog.

    Le Clown


    1. Hey, Jennifer – thanks! Life is too short to waste time … there’s so much to do … now if I can just get off my arse and do it! I am looking forward to poking around on your blog – sounds interesting!

      Best to you!


  5. I had to click on your thumbnail when I saw your comment on another blog. 60+??? You are darling! I love your ‘tude and isn’t it amazing that age really does bring wisdom? and peace. I’ll be back!!! Maggie


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