Itty Bitty’s Moving

Hello my friends, I am in the process of transfering my blog to my new website – please check out the new website, and register there to continue following me while I’m in this strange time of transition!

With any luck within a week everything here will be there …

Thank you!

The Itty Bitty Boomer

Highlights and Tattoos – The Lighter Side of Life

So I’ve been playing with my little blog for 5 years now.  The last few years have been fairly dark ones – and I want to move on from the darkness and chaos. It’s still there, I deal with it on a daily basis.  Mama bear will always deal with the chaos.

And where do I want to go with this little blog from here?  Well, I’m thinking more on:

The joys and stresses of aging from my prospective, staying young at heart while becoming old of bone, friendships, relationships, effective make up for aging skin (cos I’m always searching), fun hairstyles in spite of being older, and a little bit of this and that with respect to family (because that’s number one in my book said this mama bear)  …. yep, that’s it!

That being said, lately I’ve been working on being contented with me and letting that “me” out.  

The “medically supervised fast” is on hold because I started having major issues with digestive issues from no fat, high protein and iron supplements if you get my drift.  I’m in process with finding something else low calorie/high protein to replace it without the side effects.

A few weeks ago I took a second step in changing the color of my hair from mousy brown to a darker chocolate brown – and eventually silver highlights.  Brittney Johnson at  Salon Bravissimo in Fair Oaks, I still love you a year later!


Then last weekend I got my very first (and I’m sure only)  tattoo.  I saw it a few months ago and knew I had to have it.  Thank you Nick at Fat Cat Tattoo in Carmichael, CA for the awesome artwork and being gentle with the ol’ lady!!!


And last but not least, I got a new ‘puter – lending my old smaller one to my son so he has his own laptop to use.

I also have to share a little gratitude here for the new circle of women friends I’ve made over the last year through my work networking systems.  I see some of them becoming life-long alliances.  Part of my availability to foster these friendships is my single state – I have time to actually spend with friends occasionally – and they are the kind of friendships in which we actually do “wellness checks” with each other when one is struggling.   Women and friends ….. critical!

So Namaste, my friends – I honor you and your willingness to grow and change!

Itty Bitty








Stevie Nicks, Ya Still Got It, Girl!

The sad thing is I’ve been going to concerts for … UGH! 47 years? Not so often these days – it has to be someone really special …. like the inimitable Fleetwood Mac.  The great thing is … I still love going to concerts.

Hubby, daughter, her work friend and I went on July 6 to their last US date on their current tour.  Amazing! They are still so full of music and energy and enthusiasm – it was everything a concert experience should be:  A blend of their old, familiar hits as Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks performing her unforgettable songs, Lindsey Buckingham‘s amazing guitar work, Mick Fleetwood‘s amazing drumming and incredible drum solos… AND a few cuts from the NEW CD coming out soon – with all new material!

And two and a half hours of non-stop, no break, no opening act music interspersed with engaging conversation with the audience.  Wish there’d been more Sacramento performances – I would have gone to every one, I’m afraid.

Highlight? A friend sitting on the floor, seven rows back, got this wonderful photo of Stevie Nicks …. not bad for a camera phone!  She still looks amazing for being 65 ….

Stevie Nicks July 6 Sacramento
Stevie Nicks July 6 Sacramento

Is this not SO and TOTALLY the wonderful, magical Stevie?

And so as I relish in the memories of a fabulous concert –

Namaste, Stevie Nicks – you ROCK!

Itty Bitty

My Daily Post – Opposites – Last Sunday In The Park

Since I usually do non-fiction entries, and today’s daily prompt is do something opposite, here are some photos I took last weekend!

Last Sunday the 7-day heat wave in the Sacramento Valley  had finally broken.  After a week of hiding in the house avoiding the 105+ degree heat, it was time for Hubby and I to jump on our bikes and ride the 2 miles to the beautiful  Ancil Hoffman Park which is in our neighborhood!

Sunday In The Park
Sunday In The

From our blanket under the tree,  where we read and snacked on peanuts and Propel, this was our view …

Our Park View
Our Park View

This little guy wanted peanuts to:

Squirrel and Peanut
Squirrel and Peanut

The American River – about 200 yards from where we were sitting …. popular lazy rafting spot in the summer ….

Rafting On The River
Rafting On The River

I love Sacramento in the Summer!

Namaste …. I honor you –

Itty Bitty

Hey, I’m Still Crushin’ 47 Years Later!

I was fifteen (almost sixteen) years old in the summer of 1966 …. and he was eighteen.   Peter Noone and the (Herman’s) Hermits were stopping in Sacramento to do a concert at the Memorial Auditorium … I had my favorite seats … Section 113, Row A, seats 25 and 23 (for my best friend Polly) … on the balcony, corner seats, RIGHT OVER THE STAGE!  I was always in the first five people in line to buy tickets when they went on sale, because, y’know, then there wasn’t any such thing as on-line, or calling into Ticketmaster for tickets.  But we had the joy of getting to know the kids in line as we waited hours for the box office to open!

But I’m off the subject now … I was fifteen (almost sixteen) and he was eighteen … and I was so in love with that sweet, innocent face that my heart hurt!   I knew “we” could never “be” … but we could be friends, right?  I wrote a letter to him and mailed it to the fan club president (hey, I was young) explaining that I lived in a really nice mobile home park with a private pool – and he and “the boys” were welcome to come over and hang out, have a bbq, enjoy the Sacramento summer a little in privacy … if they wanted to.   Just call me and let me know ….

Of course I didn’t hear from him … but the concert was incredible and awesome and … and … and …

And I’ve seen him in concert probably eight times since then over the years,  two with sweet Davy Jones … they performed so well together  … being silly, joking around, playing off of each other …. the last time I saw them together was in 2009 to a packed venue of not only Baby Boomers, but boomer kids and boomer grandkids – and the wildest ones?  The Boomers, of course!

RIP, Davy …

The last time I saw Peter was September 12,  2010 – I finally got to meet him!  I look wilted (and, ok, maybe a Newcastle or two) … but then Sacramento summer nights can typically be still 90 degrees at 11 pm … which this particular evening was.  It was also filled with nostalgia and joy.

Photo: Yummy! Have had a crush on him since I was about 14!

Peter & me – 9/12/10 Thunder Valley Amphitheater

I told him a little story about my best friend Sam who lived in Monticeto in Southern California (as Peter still does).  Their kids (her son and his daughter) went to middle school together, and when the kids were about 13, went on a date to the movie theater.  Sam accompanied her son …. and Peter chaparoned his daughter … to the movie theater ….  much to the kids’ chagrin, and much to Sam’s delight!  He laughed and said, “Oh, yes! I remember that!  Nice Jewish girl (referring to my friend Sam)!”  Of course I had to call her right then and there and tell her my little story!

So I guess I’m due for another Peter fix …. maybe he’ll be back ’round this summer  …. and I’ll be there again! Just like every time he comes through this area!

And  “Listen People”  is still one of my favorite songs … listen people … it’s all about love!  Love you still, Peter Noone! As ever …

itty bitty

PS – I am delighted to say that this is part of a GenFab bloghop on Celebrity Crushes (link to other blogs coming soon)!

Eureka! A Little Get-Away On The California North Coast

It was a simple, 2 day trip to Eureka – a small town five and a half hours away from where I live, on the north coast of California. Hubby had a job that would take us there for either a one hour or two day job. As it turned out, it was a one-hour job plus waiting until the next day for environmental lab results so we could head the five and a half hours back to Sacramento.

Our early afternoon arrival allowed us to get our business done in time to overnight the samples. Given the cold temperatures and rainy conditions, we spent the afternoon napping, and then sharing a leisurely dinner at a little café on the waterfront.

Wednesday we had time to explore while awaiting the return of lab results so we took a drive about forty five minutes north of Eureka on Highway 101 to the Lady Bird Johnson Grove, part of the Redwood National Forest. The ancient redwood forests in Northern California are, perhaps, the most stunning of all ancient trees in the world. The trees are hundreds of feet tall and as much as 2000 years old. At Lady Bird Johnson Grove there is an easy mile and a half loop that wanders through a bit of the forest. There is only about a 100 foot elevation change, but you get a glimpse of the terrain and growth common in this area.

Traces of the hail from a passing morning squall were still lining our walk – and a misty veil of fog created a quiet, muted solitude. The wind blowing down on the coast was absent. There was a carpet of huge, deep emerald green ferns, and webs of yards long moss hanging from the winter-bare trees growing under the redwoods. It was humbling walking through these ancient giants – it is impossible not to feel reverence and respect for these living towers


As one who lives a spiritual path that celebrates nature and all living things, I was overcome with love and compassion for all this forest has endured through natural fires (witnessed by the multitude of trees bearing the huge scars at their bases, and yet full and healthy with growth above the scars) and at the hand of man in clear-cut farming of the trees before they were preserved as a national park (or treasure). Had it been warmer, and not quite so wet, I could have stayed there all day and been perfectly contented – the eternal wood nymph!

Too soon it was time to head towards home. On the way back to Eureka, we stopped at one of the many beach parks. In spite of the bone-chilling wind and storm surf conditions, I had to greet my friend the ocean – if only to stand by her side for a moment. Have you felt the power of the ocean lately? Just another reminder of how small we really are.

Just after leaving the beach, we ran across a sign that brought a little reality home, especially after last year’s earthquake in Japan, and subsequent tsunami effect, which actually hit the Northern California coast … it’s a concept that one doesn’t think about often, but …. It happens …

Our little trip to Eureka was enjoyable in so many ways. The last time I was there was in 1963. I don’t think it’s changed much! It was a nice little get away for hubby and me – and I had the much needed pleasure to touching Mother Nature in a very special way. Something we should all do more frequently!

Where have you been lately?

Namaste … I honor you.

On The Road Again Round 1

Since last Saturday, I have been in my own bed twice … to San Diego on Saturday, January 21, and back to Sacramento on Sunday, January 22, arriving home near mid night Sunday night. I left again Tuesday morning for Reno on business, and arrived home today about 2 pm. It’s been a great week!

Saturday’s journey, Round 1, was with my 16-year old grandson to attend my brother & sister-in-law’s 48th anniversary celebration. I haven’t seen them in 3 years. Keeping this connection is critical to me since our parents are now all gone, and we see or talk to each other not often enough. TO complicate things further, they are currently spending most of their time somewhere south of Tijuana at her mother’s adobe ranch house – no phone, no cell service, no internet. It was great to see them!

At 71, my brother is more a clone of our dad every day – physically, body language, mannerisms … uncanny.  My sister-in-law, a few years older than he, is adorable and crazy!  They have probably six kids between them (a 60’s blended family), a gaggle of grandchildren and an ever-growing population of great grandchildren.  I think there may even be a great great on the way.  My grandson was amazed to meet so many cousins! He knows his great Auntie and Uncle and a few of the cousins, but he met more 2nd and 3rd cousins than he ever knew existed.

Sunday morning we were back on the road to Santa Monica where my darling daughter-in-law is in a Helen Hunt production of Thornton Wilder‘s “Our Town”.  She performed in an Off-Broadway production in New York at Barrow Street Theater  a few years ago which turned out to be the longest running production of the play ever.  The Director, David Cromer, has his own interpretation of the script.  Helen Hunt played the role of Stage Manager for a few months in New York and loved the production so much that she brought it and much of the cast to Santa Monica’s College Of Performing Arts Broad Stage (click to see article in LA Weekly).   My was visiting last weekend as well (missing his sweetie) so we got to visit him too!  Lunch before Sunday matinée …. then a walk down Pacific Palisades Park … then on to the Theater for the play.  It’s always so fun to see Daughter In Law perform.  She has a very minor role, to be sure, but is also understudy for two of the main female leads.  Since most of her work is in New York or the East Coast region, seeing her so close to home was grand!

Itty Bitty, Son & Daughter-In-Law
Itty Bitty and Thing 1 Pacific Palisades

We hit the road back to Sacramento at 4:30 pm, arriving home at 11:00 pm.  We listened to an audio book version of The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo on the way down and back – um… had to skip parts of a few chapters that were not quite appropriate for a 16-year old, but the overall story was enthralling and passed the long drive much quicker!

It was a perfect weekend! Amazingly good time with my grandson, Thing 1 – he is so bright, funny, engaging, easygoing – having his company made the trip even more fun!  In a day and age when so many teenagers are aptly named “MEAN-AGERS”, he has his moments, but not one occurred in the 2 days we spent together!   It’s always fun and reaffirming to see my siblings, and I’ll never miss the opportunity to spend time with my son.  New York City is so far away and visits are often far between.

Exhausted … but happy … we’ll do it again soon!  Reno and On The Road Again Round 2 is next – and soon …

Where have you been lately?