The Wearys and Feels – They Don’t Stop

SLEEPING CHILD -  Someday, I hope you have a child fall asleep on your chest & in that moment, with the soft whisper of their breath against your skin, I hope you’ll find the place you’ve been looking for, without any effort at all, right there in your chest where your child sleeps.... The Story …

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Beginning the Journey – “ReLoss”

It's been a busy month since my return to sane medical care - had 2 blood tests, a mammogram, am scheduling a routine colonoscopy and a not routine stress echocardiogram.  ... Started intake a few weeks ago at the medically supervised weight loss clinic my PCP referred me to - The Hernried Center here in Sacramento. …

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One Day At A Time …

It's a landmark day for me anyway, and hopefully for my son ... I'm preparing to take him to drop him off at work - and when I pick him up at 1:30-ish, will be taking him to enter a cocaine detox program for 5 days.  Some may think, well, duh ...  but it's taken …

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17 negative stereotypes about bipolar disorder

I wish everyone who wonders what Bipolar disorder is about could read this…. I’m learning all I can to best help my son and understand ….


The most frequently used search terms that usher visitors to my blog are: bipolar disorder stereotypes, bipolar stereotypes, negative stereotypes of bipolar disorder, stereotypes about bipolar disorder, negative stereotypes of bipolar, stereotypes of bipolar disorder – and they occur every. single. day. I googled ‘bipolar stereotypes’ and lo and behold, my most visited post ranked first. It’s time to expand on that ole thing. Stereotypes breed stigma, which can have terrible (and in some cases even terminal) consequences. Everything gets an ism, dear reader, and the applicable one here is ableism.

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A Sanctuary In The Midst of A Crazy Week

So our move into our little apartment last Sunday was, though a long day, pretty painless for my son and me.  All the pre-arranging went off well.  It helped that we were not in a situation where we had to be completely out of somewhere by a deadline. And husband, though on one hand, wanted …

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That this was written in South Africa is inconsequential .. Bi-polar disorder is the same everywhere. I still struggle to understand it and how to best assist my children. Thank you, Our Lived Experience!

Our Lived Experience

Despite the fact that more than one million South Africans have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, it is still a misunderstood and often stigmatised chronic illness. To raise awareness about the disorder, the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (Sadag) has ‘declared’ 26 May as Bipolar Awareness Day in an effort to create greater awareness about the disorder.
Bipolar is a severe mood disorder— it not only causes unusual shifts in mood, energy and activity levels, but also the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks, to have relationships or perform at work or at school. It can result in substance abuse issues, financial setbacks, even suicide. People with bipolar disorder experience unusually intense emotional
ii A long period of feeling ‘high’, or an overly happy or outgoing mood II Extremely irritable mood, agitation, feeling ‘jumpy’ or ‘wired’. II Talking very fast, jumping from one idea to another, having racing thoughts…

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Itty Bitty’s Hiatus … it’s done.

I realized I haven't posted since January.  I started a new job at the end of January - and it's been quite lovely.  Busy - but lovely - not only a source of independent income, but also a respite away from the house.  Something productive to do. And while that part of me is going …

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