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With any luck within a week everything here will be there …

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The Itty Bitty Boomer

Contented – And How Did I Ever Have Time To Work?

I’ve been on unemployment for 10 months now – since February.   I thought, “being forced into a kind ofsemi-retirement” how would I fill all that empty time and space?   As it turned out, it has been an amazingly fulfilling and busy time.  How did I ever have time for work?

The reality of the hotel industry (my life-long passion) is that, though I have 35+ successful years of management experience in operations and sales/marketing, in today’s recession economy, it proved to not be enough.  I “beat myself up” for a while, felt like a failure for not being able to accomplish what ownership wanted – and then decided (partly because I am on unemployment) that after working fulltime, non-stop since July of 1968,  it was OK.

It was O-K-A-Y to take a BREAK and think about what I want to do with the rest of my life.  Reality is that no one is going to hire a 61 year old director of sales … or even a sales manager because hotel sales is mostly young, cutsie women and men … I know, I hired them.  Reality is that I don’t WANT to do the 60 -70 hour weeks the job requires.  Reality is that I am tired in my soul of trying to meet “corporate’s” expectations.

So I decided, with a dose of reality, that it was OKAY to find a direction that I want to go in for a change.

I am slowly building an independent meeting planning business – one client at a time .. and maybe someday I’ll actually earn some money at it!  It takes a year or so to build any new business, and mine is no different.  I enjoy helping “J” with his business – and it helps cover my share of expenses in living with him (he is such an angel to be so generous while I continue paying lease rent on my daughter & my apartment until we can get her moved into a one-bedroom in spring). I enjoy my volunteer time with  my Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America.  I enjoy spending time with my grandsons every other week after school and school vacations while my daughter is at work.

I enjoy the ability to interact more closely with my children and the company of my dear and precious friends.

I enjoy the time I spend with “J” and look forward to us getting married in a few weeks.  I am enjoying helping him change his house from a barren, bland bachelor apartment into a home filled with life and color and his making “his home” “our home”.  I enjoy his embracing of my family and his family.  I watch him grow in trust and vulnerability and love (though he is still afraid to call it that very often).

I could not enjoy these wondrous and joyful things if I was working for someone else those 60-70 hours a week. That is my reality.

My life is not easy (not that it ever has particularly been) – I live unemployment check to unemployment check – I am in the middle of a bankruptcy filing – but my life improves daily because I have someone to walk with me – not to bail me out but to walk with me through the trying times.

It is like watching the seasons changing – watching the trees shapeshifting from summer to fall to winter. In my life, my summer was spent doing nothing more than working – missing my children grow up, missing spending time with my grandchildren, not having the time to tend to my relationships.  My fall is now a time to letting go and shedding the “leaves” of a life I lived for 40 years.  My coming winter is my season of rest and growth and beginning again.

I am contented.

Female, Single, Unemployed and In Love With Life at 60

Lesson one – when writing a blog, make sure you save it todraft frequently.  Lesson learned … twice.

My excitement this week – attending a FLASH MOB EVENT in Manhattan!  3000 people!   Here is a photo of the MOB from a nearby high-rise – I’ll tell you the details later …. who wudda thunk – at 60 I would go to a Flash Mob?  Why not???

So to start off my adventures in boomer blogging, let me first say that I know there are millions of boomers out there who have happily reached their goals for retirement and their future – and I am absolutely delighted for you!

I also know that there are probably as many of us who, for whatever reason, are not where we thought we would be – no white picket fence, no comfy 401K or IRA or otherwise investments … life circumstances gone off on left turns rather than thestraightforward path … being tossed into having to be sole providers for our families because of the death of a spouse, taking care of aging parents in end of life journeys, helping our children with their special needs children …  being fired from jobs because the economy played havoc with a budget created by other people and didn’t materialize and someone had to take the blame for it (why not you?) … a  hundred thousand reasons why our lives go off in directions we never would have imagined .. real-life issues.

But we simply handle those situations and keep on going the best we can– and find joy in what we have and humor in the next crisis … and as my mom used to say – pull up our big girl panties and deal with it!

I am 60 years old – with 2 adult children (one single mom with 2 teenagers who tries her damndest but never seems to be able to take a step forward without taking 2 backwards and a son who is an over-achiever who will succeed if he doesn’t wear himself out getting there)  – no job but
am trying to establish a home-based business based on my life career skill set –live with my daughter (recent studies indicate the massive increase in multi-generational families again due to the economy) – have been in arelationship for the last 3 ½ years which some days is and some days isn’t a relationship – and because of my “life circumstances” live check to check –knowing it would never happen because of family and friends but understanding the fear of being one step away from homelessness …

AND YET … in spite of that, I am grateful for all the wonderfulness in my life and know some day this all, too, shall pass.

AND I believe there is enough humor – real life – you can see yourself in me –  I can maybe teach you something about love and life – to keep you entertained enough to keep reading my adventures.  Life is an incredible adventure – and I hope you keep joining me for mine!  It’s never a dull moment … come along for theride – and peace and love to you –