Itty Bitty’s Moving

Hello my friends, I am in the process of transfering my blog to my new website - please check out the new website, and register there to continue following me while I'm in this strange time of transition! With any luck within a week everything here will be there ... Thank you! The Itty Bitty …

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Finding Love & Trust …..

Five years ago today I met the man who would convince me that it is possible to trust again and to love unconditionally again ... thank you, my friend, lover and now (for one year and one month) my husband! And though through the first three and a half years we each struggled with our own …

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Sometimes we look so far to find happiness ..

Sometimes we look so far to find happiness when we don't even realize that happiness is in our hearts, waiting patiently to be released. ~ Anonymous A  “Boomer” friend of mine has been searching for happiness for as long as I’ve known him (over 3 years) – maybe forever … he went through a bitter …

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